"I Speak English with Hurra Lingo"

Online English, German, French and Spanish language lessons for children, experienced teachers, game-based classes, European Language Framework compliant teaching model, engaging activities for children and their families, and much more!

Our Goal:

To enable our students to learn and speak at least one European language with pleasure.

With our conversation-oriented and fun lessons, our students learn a foreign language while having fun and using it in their daily lives.

Hurra Lingo students understand what they hear and read, express themselves effectively both orally and in writing, and make cross-cultural connections.

We open doors from your home to abroad.

Our students are connected to our Online classes in the warm atmosphere of their homes, without having to go anywhere else.

Native English, German, French and Spanish Teachers

Our students can meet with our native language teachers as well as with our certified teachers in foreign language teaching.

40 Years of Educational Experience

Hurra Lingo provides services in the field of foreign language teaching in cooperation with Nesibe Aydın Educational Institutions, which was established in 1984.

Hurra Global London

Hurra Lingo is a subsidiary of Hurra Global, a British brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do our lessons with game-based activities where students remain active. Our lessons turn into a time period in which students learn and have fun.

We learn the proficiency level of our students at the trial lesson. We determine the course content and assign the groups accordingly.

We believe that the educational process improves with peer learning. However, we assgin private and/or group lessons based on the needs and priorities of our students.

You can contact your teacher through the Parent account. Through this account, your teacher regularly briefs you on your child’s learning progress.

We support the learning process with additional work given by our teacher. If you wish, you can support the process with private lessons.

We have designed activities that are fun to do as a family, and allow you to track the progress of your children.

Although learning a topic covered in the lesson depends on the student’s motivation and attention span, we recommend that our students practice everyday for 5-15 minutes.